The initiator of the project

The author of the project is Saša Vitale, archaeologist and diver, admirer of archeology in the Biograd area and Dalmatia. Although born in Zagreb in 1968, he is proud of his Biograd origin and heritage as a descendant of prominent families of the 19th century Biograd. He has been an active diver for years and this interest led him to visit almost all submerged archaeological sites in the Pašman channel. This was crucial for him to select the study of Archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. During his studies and after graduation in 1997, he participated in numerous archaeological studies both on land and in hydro-archeological research. In 2012, he headed the research on Dvigrad in Istria as part of the Progetto Veneto Duecastelli - Una città Veneta abbandonata dell'Istria Medievale, Interventi, valorizzazione e musealizzazione. The project aimed to revitalize and preserve the site Dvigrad with systematic excavation and conservation, and develop the project documentation as a prerequisite to convert the site into an archaeological park.

The objectives set in that project were the spark initiating the idea that such a concept should be applied to a site in the Biograd region, for which Bošana was a logical choice.

His love of nature and desire to preserve the Mediterranean landscape that is disappearing in the area from Zadar to Biograd and turning into an unbroken series of houses and apartments was also a driving force for action in this direction. He saw the need to protect the archaeological sites and culture that make up our identity from devastation as a call for the launch of the Archaeological Project Bassana which should provide a different fate to the archaeological site. He deems culture and presentation of culture very important in a touristic surrounding such as Biograd's, for the local community to see and explore opportunities that will further its recognition.

In regard to the archaeological method, the author shows interest in modern non-destructive methods of research, areal archeology, and connections between geology and archeology.

As he is trained in production and processing of medicinal herbas and herbs as sources of honey, he sees potential in the cultivation of quality Mediterranean plants in areas that are now only potential building sites. In conjunction with the presentation of the archaeological site, this could become a powerful combination.


The project at this stage would not have been possible without the good and hardworking people who have contributed each in their own way for the information about the Archaeological Project Bassana to be dissipated via internet and become the backbone for future communication.


Our thanks go to

Draženko Samardžić – director of the Regional Museum in Biograd n/M, for his continued help and support.

Mato Ilkić, Ph.D. – senior lecturer at the University of Zadar, Department of Archaeology, who has kindly donated the photos of the research in Bošana, 2009.

Andrej Malešević – for editing, proof-reading, and excellent English translations.

Dubravko Vlahović – for the graphic design, preparation and development of the website for the Project Bassana

Contact informations:

Mobile: ++385 99 637 49 47



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